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the lights went out. a 34-minute power outage stops baltimore's power game, but only temporarily. ravens are nfl champions. but new orleans has a lot to
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answer for this morning. welcome, everybody. good morning. monday, february 4th. starting point, what a game. baltimore ravens and their fans will remember super bowl xlvii for the team's kind of nail biting victory. 34-31. most of us will remember it was the night that went out in new orleans. a power outage in new orleans stopped the game for 34 minutes it may have prevented a interest bowl blowout. we are joined by rachel in new orleans. >> good morning, soledad. no question, this was a huge embarrassment. i spoke to a superdome official last night, they had gone through a whole week with the stadium and city showing they could host an event of this magnitude. it not a gradient issue.
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this was about a piece of electronic equipment that monitors the electricity coming into the stadium. officials called it an "ab normality." really, it's just like in your house, when you have to go down to the basement and flip the switch again, that's what happened with the officials. they had to flip everything back open. lights slowly came back on. 34 minutes. a big delay for the ravens especially. right before, a kickoff return for the touchdown. right before that, the halftime show. and their offense hadn't been on the field for more than 80 minutes. you could see it affect the game. it became what had been a blowout, became a real nail biter, and the ravens managed to win. here is the winning quarterback talking about the very unusual night. >> unbelievable. just one of the things you have to deal with. you everyone, i'm sure down the road it will make for a better
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story. >> reporter: here is a statement for the mayor here. the power outage was an unfortunate moment in what has been an otherwise shining super bowl week for the city of new orleans. he said in the coming days i expect a full after action report from all parties involved. for us, the super bowl isn't over until the last visitor leaves town so we're focused on continuing to show our visitors a good time. a lot of repercussions as new orleans tried to get another super bowl. it had been 11 years since they hosted it. they hope to have it again in 2018. this will put a damper on the bid. >> can you imagine if the ravens lost? all we would be talking about is that today. some very smart advertisers took advantage of the outage.
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oreo tweeted an oreo with a message, you can still dunk in the dark. the power outage inspired some interesting tweets. joel stein. nothing bad happens at the super dome without power, right? i didn't like that one. spending a lot of time post katrina, i thought that was too soon kind of thing. this one is funny. darren frnch enich, this is what happens when beyonce doesn't lip sync, satisfied? >> switching to "downton abbey" where they still have electricity. and did we mention there was a game? carlos diaz has details. >> usually you talk about a game being broken down by halves, first half versus second half, but this super bowl was truly
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broken down by prepower outage and post power outage. before the power outage, all baltimore ravens, they built a lead thanks to jacoby jones 108-yard kickoff return to kick off the half. ties an nfl super bowl record for the longest nfl return in super bowl history. then the power outage happened. 34-minute delay where the ravens lost momentum and the 49ers sfajed an amazing comeback. at one point, cutting into the lead and going right from 28-6 to 31-29. a two-point conversion failed and that's what ravens needed. added a field goal late in the game, and with the niners within the 0 yif yard line, the ravens defense stopped them on four plays and kept them out of the end zone. a controversial call on the last down.
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it looked like michael crabtree, receiver for the 49ers was grabbed. the referee said no. jim harbaugh said definitely pass interference. joe flacco, mvp, he is up for a new contract. talk about great timing. he says he's a raven for life. ray lewis ending his 17-year career, the ravens going out on top. winning the super bowl after announcing at the beginning of january this would be his final run as a raven and retiring at the end of the year. and, of course, you have the story of the two harbaughs, john harbaugh coming out on top of his little brother, jim harbaugh and afterward, jim said the win was bittersweet. guys. >> carlos diaz this morning. then there was the halftime show with a surprise reunion and a dose of redemption for beyonce. the superstar singer really blue
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t blew the roof off the super bowl. all-female ensemble. and her destiny's child band mates joined her as well. ♪ i don't think you are ready for me just yet my body is too bootylicious for you, baby ♪ >> that doesn't make you want to run out and buy a little leather outfit with high heeled boots and lace on the side. she performed "crazy love," love on top," baby boi." she was awesome i thought. even the first lady tweeted. watching the super bowl with family and friends, beyonce was phenomenal. i am so proud of her and then the lights went out. the tweets about beyonce knocking out the power was
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hilarious. j-hud, jennifer hudson kicked off the night with "america the beautiful." accompanied by the sandy hook elementary school choir. here is a little bit of that. ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ america, america ♪ god shed -- >> the most dramatic pregame i have ever seen. america was choked up. >> alisha keys sang the national anthem. some people thought it was slow, but i thought it was fabulous. she was great. let's listen. ♪ for the land of free and the
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home of the brave ♪ >> her version ran 2:36. apparently they keep track of these things. natalie cole, previous record, 2:32. four seconds over the old record. not sure why that matters. we'll take a look at ads from the disgusting godaddy ad to the jamaican accent to at forable clydesdale ad. the tweets, hits, and misses. send us what you lik like @startingptcnn. developing news about the deadly bus crash. it happened in the mountains of southern california, killed at least eight people. dozens more injured in san bernardino county, 80 miles east of los angeles. apparently the bus was heading down this narrow windy mountain road when it struck two vehicles and overturned. paul vercammen on the scene.
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>> reporter: they can confirm that eight people are dead, but that number is sure to change. here is what is complicating their efforts. right now, up the road behind me, on the scene, the coroner's office is going through this site, and you have a situation where not only are there body parts under tarps, people under tarps, some very close together. authorities telling us they have to sort all of this out and they haven't been aboard the bus to try to see if there is some sort of passenger list on top of it. what caused the crash? possible speculation, perhaps brakes failed. they aren't exactly sure. >> we're getting witness statements and statements from the other parties involved, there is a possibility there might be mechanical issues with the bus. >> reporter: we understand that
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the bus was registered to national city. that's right on the u.s./mexico bord border. not uncommon for people from the u.s. and tee juty jua-- tijuana trips together. the bus was going down a straightaway and pretty close to the bottom after this long journey. a lot to be sorted out. the road sealed off. 8 dead, at least 27 injured. back to you. let's turn to the terrible tragedy in texas. where investigators are trying to figure out why a 25-year-old iraq war veteran killed a renowned navy s.e.a.l. sniper, chris kyle. eddie ray routh is charged with two counts of capital murder. we have more on that.
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good morning, joe johns. >> reporter: eddie ray routh being held in jail on $3 million bond. a suspect in custody, but there are a lot of questions about what happened at the gun range and why. former navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle, who claimed a record 150 kills in iraq, died at the hands of another vet authorities say. allegedly using a semiautomatic handgun. what police don't know yet is why. >> i don't thank we'll ever know. he's the only one that knows that. but at this point, he hasn't made any comments to law enforcement as to why he did. >> reporter: kyle's friend, chad littlefield, and the suspect, eddie ray routh, all drove to the gun range together in a pickup truck. less than two hours later, kyle and littlefield were dead. routh fled to his sister's house, and she called police and he was eventually caught.
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routh is an iraq war veteran, leaving the marines in 2010. kyle, who wrote "american sniper" talked about his duty to those he served with is ktvt last year. >> my only regret, the guys i couldn't save. every shot i took, i felt extremely justified. >> reporter: kyle became a fierce advocate for vets, starting a foundation to help those suffering from ptsd. that may be why kyle and littlefield went to the gun range with routh. >> he works with people who are suffering from issues who have been in the military and this shooter is possibly one of those people, that he had taken out to the range to mentor, to visit, with to help him. >> reporter: kyle's friend, travis cox, says that's just the kind of man he was. >> the man he was, when he came home, if i could describe him in any way, he was a servant leader. he served others.
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was a humble, humble man. he had a vision to support veterans, and their needs, and he was fear unless thaless in t gave his life doing so. >> reporter: bitter irony, a guy so deadly and elusive as kyle would be taken down by a comrade in arms here in the state. routh is on suicide watch. soledad. >> thank you, joe. in a couple of minutes, we'll speak with eric davis, a master trainer at the s.e.a.l. sniper school and personally trained chris kyle. first, right to john berman for a look at the day's top stories. >> thanks, soledad. we're now in day seven of the hostage standoff in alabama involving a 5-year-old boy. today, folks in mid land city are mourning the man who tried to save the boy. any reason for hope in the
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seventh day? >> reporter: there is certainly reason for hope. the people here hold a vigil every night. faithful people in this community and they are praying that this 5-year-old, ethan will, be released and soon. authorities have not told us exactly what jimmy lee dykes wants or his motivation, but they have told us what the 5-year-old, ethan wants, and it puts it in perspective if you don't have young children in your life, the priorities of a child. he requested a red hot wheels car and cheese-itz crackers. those were delivered along with more food and medications yesterday. some students will go back to class. some schools have been closed since tuesday when the bus driver, charles poland, "whose funeral was yesterday. >> the children will be asking a lot of questions. i have seen some on the street. some are afraid to get back on
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the buses, but we have to encourage them and uplift them, in spite of what's going on. we have to let them know, you know, that they are here for an education, don't worry about that. >> reporter: i spoke with a local school bus driver and she says drivers in the district have met and will work on official safety procedures in the event a person gets on the school bus with a weapon. we're expecting the next official update at noon eastern. john. >> victor blackwell in midland city. thank you for keeping us up to speed on this ongoing story. president obama hits the road to combat gun violence. he's headed to minneapolis for a speech this afternoon and prepares to leave washington. really buzzing about this picture of the president at camp david. the white house leased the photo to quiet critic who's questioned the president's claim that he sometimes shoots skeet during retreats at camp david. conspiracy theorists say it's a
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doctored photo already. ridiculous. the president sat down with cbs news scott pelley ahead of the super bowl and asked if he agreed with the recent announcement of the boy scouts of america that they may be lifting the ban on gay members. let's listen. >> my attitude, gays and lesb n lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does. in every institution and walk of life. >> the president addressed several other topics as well from women in combat to the economy. still ahead on "starting point." we remember chris kyle, considered to be one of the deadliest snipers, we'll talk to the man whotrain e eed chris, the navy s.e.a.l. killed this weekend.
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welcome back, everybody. want to intro the team. connie mack is back. roland martin will join us in a moment. cnn political analyst and chris john farley, editorial director of digital features of "the wall street journal." and john berman as well. let's talk commercials. thumbs up overall for the ads last night, or you think create 'til they were a little -- >> i thought it was a mediocre showing. the game was better than the commercials, not what usually happens. people pay a lot of money for these commercials, $3. mi8 milln per 30-second spot. i thought the jeep ad with oprah winfrey had some emotion. god made a farmer pulled at the
4:21 am
heartstrings, but nothing -- >> i thought they were good. i thought it was funny. i think a lot of people tune in to the super bowl for the ads. i know that. you told us plenty of times that football is not your thing. >> rugby now -- >> i thought they were humorous, funny. >> some were good. remember after 9/11? the quality of the ads was spectacular. so much emotion that they were tapping into. and it was really incredible. and i would agree with you. some were funny, some were gross. >> you are talking about the godaddy ad. can we show that. >> no, let's not. >> can we turn the volume ad. >> sexy side representing by bar rafae rafaeli, and the business side represented by walter. together, they are perfect. >> oh, stop. >> you can hear it, and i was
4:22 am
watching with my two 5-year-old boys. >> disgusted by kissing anyway. >> i'm no prude as you well know, but i thought this was crazy i couldn't believe it. i was so embarrassed. >> it worked. people are talking. >> and godaddy likes to push the envelope. you see their ads in the past this was a good change for them. on the show, people talking about it, and walter feels like the luckiest man on the planet. >> walter will be our guest later on this morning. i love the baby clydesdale. >> another emotional ad. >> i loved it. >> but ads you had to tweet out, talk to friends about. nothing affected me in that kind of way, i have to call a friend, tell them about it. you have to see this ad. >> i think are you a cynic. >> wasn't particularly ambitious. a safe super bowl. >> dorito's ad was funny. >> the girls. you can -- i relate as a father that has a 12-year-old daughter. i thought it was funny.
4:23 am
i thought -- >> there were a lot -- past years, they were spectacular. >> i thought oreo had a fantastic night. the ad in the library, the cookie or the cream was fantastic. that was membrane memorable, a icing on the cake was the tweet. >> that worked very well. ahead, we'll talk about highlights and low lights from the super bowl. how did the harbaugh brothers handle the rivalry? and ancient mystery slowly unraveling. are we finally closer to knowing where king richard iii is buried? back right after this mt with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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. welcome back to "starting point." minding your business. u.s. stock futures down. later this morning, key data on manufacturing. friday, what a day that was. the dow jones industrial average, closing above the 14,000 mark for the first time in five years. connie mack cheering about that. hyundai won big in the super bowl auto ad wars. a young boy and his mother grabbing up a group of friends in a santa fe suv to confront a
4:27 am
group of bullies. according to, websites about the car saw a 738% increase after this spot aired. the ad far surpassed the next car ad, the audi a6. the nra refusing to back down. wayne la pierre tells fox news that the president wants to take america's guns away. things got testy when la pierre suggests that the president thinks his children deserves armed security and others don't. >> i wasn't picking on the president's kids. the president's kids are safe and we're thankful for that. >> they also face a threat that other kids don't face. >> tell that to the parents in newtown. >> i think that's ridiculous and
4:28 am
you know it, sir. >> la pierre doesn't believe that the president's demand for universal background checks will ever happen. >> an interesting debate. the ad, since the nra put that ad out a few weeks ago, it has been controversial. still ahead, you are used to seeing food and car companies advertised. but what about a group that is promoting gun control? the ad everyone is talking about, coming up. i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses. because at®, you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small.
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welcome, everybody. are you watching "starting point." today's big story, super bowl xlvii, the memorable and the odd. the ravens were dominating a 28-6 lead until early this the third quarter, but that's when the game took a turn for darkness. the lights went out in the superdome, holding the game for 34 minutes. when the lights came back on, so did the niners. they erased most of the lead, 31-29. in new orleans, more on the blackout, and more on the battle of the harbaughs as well. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and, yeah, you know, john and
4:33 am
jim harbaugh, 15 months apart and like all brothers who play sports, they went at it competitively as kids. their parents, jack and jackie harbaugh tell us all kinds of stories of them beating on each other this is a close-knit family when it comes down to it. john is the older one and you can tell he is protective of his brother, even on the biggest stage of them all. take a listen to our conversation. when i talked to him on the field, right after he won the super bowl. >> it was incredibly hard. but i was really proud. looking across the field and see being jim over there, watching him coach, watching him compete, and seeing his team roaring back after the lights went out. like i knew he would. >> you didn't appreciate that, while they were roaring back against you? >> i wasn't happy about it, didn't feel really good about the way we were playing. i knew they would be there, because they reflect his
4:34 am
personality. >> what did your parents say? >> they were really happy, really thrilled and really disappointed and devastated at the same time. >> reporter: john said that this entire experience was a lot harder than he anticipated it being. he even told me, guys, in that moment when the clock ticks down to zero and all are you supposed to feel is joy and everyone around them is throwing arms up and celebrating, all he could do is look across the field and see the pain on his brother's face, and he couldn't fully enjoy that moment, because he knew what his brother was going through. a night of mixed emotions for the harbaugh family, but when john and the ravens look back, it will be an exciting experience, but certainly a unique one. >> thank you, rachel. check out the tweet from "sports illustrated" peter king about the rivalry. john harbaugh says i am totally devastated for my brother. >> you can tell. you can tell. >> my brother is one year, one
4:35 am
day older than me. i can't image nin thine in this where you really want to celebrate. the look, i have to go shake his hand. >> the brother was ticked off. the game did not end well for jim harbaugh. there was a noncall. but he spent the last minute yelling and screaming at the revrev -- refs. >> this is a great story. like the buildup. and which one, it has got to be a nightmare. >> the other story, the outage. i think they should have have them all the time. >> i'm sure cbs is going, we would really love to run all of the ads right now. roger godel probably not happy. >> a lot of not happy people at that moment and for 34 minutes
4:36 am
after that. john berman with the top stories. a tragic ending to the missing american woman in turkey last month. her body found saturday in istanbul. she died from an apparent blow to the head and showed signs of stab wounds. serai sierra was traveling alone, and went missing the day before she was to return to the u.s. >> reporter: turkish police made the grim discovery on saturday. a woman's body, hidden behind the old stonewalls of this ancient city. within hours, police identified her as serai sierra. a 33-year-old mother of two, native of staten island, new york. sierra had been missing for more than a week, after disappearing during what was supposed to be her first foreign vacation. turkish police suspect she has been murdered. >> translator: it has been determined she was killed with a blow to the head.
4:37 am
we need more time to investigate. not right to say anything about the ongoing interrogation of the detained people. she was a tourist traveling alone. >> reporter: these are the last known images of sierra. security cameras caught her on the night of january 20th. walking alone inside anice tan bull shopping ball. she flew sola because a friend canceled at the last minute. she was an amateur photographer, who shared photos with friends she met on instra gram. is he is believed to have met some of these acquaintances during her stay in turkey and during a short side trip to amsterdam. steven, her husband, sounded the alarm after she failed to board her flight back to new york on january 21st. days later, steven and serai's brother flew to istanbul to help turkish police with the investigation. in an interview with cnn last
4:38 am
week, it was clear steven, a new york city transit worker, was beginning fear for the worst. >> along with her missing, you are hoping that she is okay. wherever she is at. and she's not hurting. that she's not cold, being fed, not being consumed with fear. >> the shocking news of sierra's death devastated her family who had tried to protect her two sons for there news of their mother's disappearance. friends and family grieve in new york, police in istanbul have an urgent question to answer, who killed serai sierra? the late new york city mayor ed koch will be laid to rest today. former president bill clinton will deliver a tribute. a long-time friend and cut a trip to japan short to make
4:39 am
services. michael bloomberg will deliver the eulogy which will conclude with the song "new york, new york." of course it will. has britain's long lost king been found? a battle-scarred skeleton found under a parking lot in england. century old remains of richard iii? scientists just confirmed this. listen. >> and i can now tell you there is a dna match between the maternal dna from the descendents of the family of richard iii and the skeletal remains we found at the friar's dig. in short, the dna evidence points to these being the remains of richard iii. >> so now is the winter of our discontent. now is. anyone, get it? get it? silence. >> carry on. >> the last english monarch who was killed in battle, way back roland in 1485. >> pretty amazing, huh.
4:40 am
>> riveting. >> they can find him but can't find hoffa. we should bring the britishory he over here. we're talking about the former navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle, shot to death by a marine he was trying to help. he is accused of opening fire and killing kyle and another man with him. police are trying to piece together exactly what happened. >> apparently mr. kyle works with people that are suffering from some issues that have been in the military, and this shooter is possibly one of those people. he had taken out to the range to mentor, to visit with, to help him, you know, that's all i can tell you. >> the second victim, who was a friend of kyle's, is chad littlefield. kyle dedicated much of his time to helping veterans, including many with post-traumatic stress disorder. and we have a forensic psychiatrist who has worked on lots of cases of soldiers
4:41 am
charged with violent crime serving in iraq and afghanistan. >> good morning. >> when you first heard some details of the case. the 25-year-old man, eddie ray routh, charged in the two killings, three tours of duty. relatively young, is your first thought, did ptsd play a role? >> please understand that ptsd is rarely associated with homicidal violence. >> really? >> when we kill our own. now, when it is, let's understand about ptsd first. ptsd is very commonly associated with a number of other conditions that are regularly attached to violence. alcoholism, personality disorder, depression. so diagnosically, ptsd may be relevant and may just be part of the picture, including traumatic brain injury. >> i was going to ask you that. >> there is more. >> two separate things, one
4:42 am
could cause the other. could traumatic brain injury have causality for someone who has come back from three tours of duty opening fire on two people who are there to mentor and help him? >> when it comes to ptsd, taking a closer look at it, ptsd very commonly associated with anger and host tillity. you may think, a lot of conditions are, and a lot of people are depressed and they don't kill people around them. consider that we understand mental illness when it's associated with dangerousness. the people who are at higher risk are people in the family and closest to you. so the fact that chris kyle was generous, and giving and really heroic, not just living on his past, but continuing to give, and bringing people close to him who really were troubled, and allowing himself to continue to be in harm's way, the equivalent of family that would be at risk to somebody who might have been a little bit too sensitive, a
4:43 am
little bit too vigilant, a little too angry. >> now, roland wanted to jump in. >> i thought the department of veteran affairs should be one of the most appointments by any president. is the va prepared for all of the soldiers coming back and the long-term care they are going to need for ptsd and other types of mental illness. >> they are and they aren't. they are in the sense that the va medical system and va mental health care have a far more if it's indicated expertise than we give them credit for. they aren't and this goes back to some of the discussions in newtown and sandy hook. let's fix mental health. you have to incent i'ivncentivi. otherwise if you don't financially incentivize folks to stay in the military to be
4:44 am
treating veterans, to get the best doctors to provide the best services, then are you going to have a community that naturally fills the void and people like chris kyle may be exceptionally qualified, but they are in harm's way. >> i'm sorry. >> please. >> the va is, you know, a great place to go, but access to the va for our veterans isn't what people think. they spend hours and -- >> we have done so many stories of that. especially when it comes to suicide. >> we need to do a better job of getting facilities in the population where our veterans are. we'll take a short break. still ahead, talk a little bit about john's alma mater, harvard students caught up in a big old cheating scandal. >> oh, was that harvard? >> yeah, yeah, harvard. >> oh, they figured it out. >> we'll tell you exactly what happened, how far it goes. our in-depth report up next. and then to her outfit to her reunion with destiny's child, awesome beyonce moments of the
4:45 am
super bowl. a closer look at those.
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email marketing from constant contact reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at ♪ >> the approval rating just shot up 15 points. >> lie down on the table, connie. >> we miss thad tv moment. >> oh! >> like that. >> beyonce did not lip sync,
4:48 am
didn't miss a beat. bringing the house down at the super bowl last night. wearing that cute little outfit. everyone watching her. the design of the hot leather and lace peel apart outfit is ruben singer, he is with us along with alina cho, expert on all things fashion. what was the number of people watching the super bowl? >> 10 bajillion. >> 10 bajillion, looking at an amazing outfit. >> it was a career-changing moment. leading up to it was a lot of craziness and hard work. seeing it come together was worth it. >> i have to imagine, a million fittings with one of the busiest people in the world. you have to figure out what to cover and wear when she is doing the lying on the ground things. how did you do that? >> the process started a few
4:49 am
months ago, and the fittings started to take place in the beginning of january with the actual costume and the development of it, with the kind of rehearsal schedule she was on she was losing weight every -- every day really toward the end, so there was constant adjustments, plus developing this kind of a piece for a woman who is such a fierce performer and such an amazing, amazing showwoman, i couldn't make anything that was constricting in any way. the range of motion needed to be maintained at all times, that was a challenging aspect. >> it seemed to fit well. >> it fit very well. ruben, it's alina cho. you told this great story about how you won this sort of ultimate gig. and it started with book you compiled of 15 sketches and your explanation of your vision for what she should wear and how she should look. you actually met with her and when you started to read from that book, you told me this
4:50 am
remarkable thing that she told you. what did she say? >> well, you know, the whole concept of what we developed came from the concept of what i was already working on for my spring -- or i mean my fall 2013 collection, about to show in new york, and the concept, when i started reading to her about the book, she turned to me, and she said have you been living in my head? and i turned to her and said, no, have you been living in mine? and we both laughed and that's kind of how we sort of broke the ice and started getting better understanding of one another and really started to work together. >> ruben, roland martin. what role did the nfl play in approving the costume? >> oh, my god. it is so much strife from the nfl. it was crazy. because of what had transpired in the past with wardrobe
4:51 am
malfunctions, the stricken jency of how they check everything, and they even said we're very hypocritical. we have all of these cheerleader in scantily clad little outfits and telling you you can't do this, can't do that. the costume originally was much morris ke risque, but wite deci bring it down. we didn't want to ruffle any d feathers. ultimately, it ended up working in our benefit because she really looked amazing. >> ruben singer, congratulations. i hope this means, when you do your show in new york, that it's a huge, huge hit, and everybody is pre-ordering. i need a little leather outfit. >> will you go with me? >> i'd love to go with you. i don't know if i could wear that on tv, but i'd love to go see your show. >> alina, also, thank you.
4:52 am
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ahead this morning on "starting point," from beyonce's powerful halftime performance to the crazy commercials. we'll talk about the longest super bowl ever played. and the man who fought side by side with chris kyle. he was the man shot and killed by a fellow veteran. push-ups or sprints? what's wrong with fetch? or chase? let's do this larry!
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welcome, everybody. our starting point is super bowl xlvii. kind of a nail biting win after the power eventually returned to the super bowl. and it was a girl power halftime show. it was a great halftime show,
5:01 am
beyonce can roirocking the stag destiny's child reunion. no, she did not lip sync. a lot of people joking that's the reason the power went out. and harvard grads connected to a widespread cheating scandal. learn their fate and how deep did this go? and why did a u.s. veteran turn his gun on another veteran at a shooting range? plus we'll talk to two former navy s.e.a.l.s who knew chris kyle. and mike golic and mike greenberg of espn's "mike and mike in the morning." and the go daddy ad that really grossed so many people out. and the stars of the very cute taco bell ad. "starting point" begins right now. welcome, everybody. our team this morning.
5:02 am
farley, joins us. former congresswoman mary bono mack joins us. and john berman with us as well. >> a beauty pageant. >> did the little nod. something different. namaste, something. >> that is correct. our story this morning is the blackout bowl, super bowl xlvii won by the baltimore ravens. kind of dramatic point. ravens had this big, big lead, 22 points in the third quarter. then the lights went out. play halted for 34 minutes. when the lights finally came back on, the 49ers were back on too. their comeback was a little bit short. they lost 34-31. it was close. cnn's rachel nichols is live for us in new orleans. if they had been able to come back, wow, that would have been the story, but they couldn't. >> reporter: huge momentum swings in this game, soledad.
5:03 am
for anyone following the ravens' season, they've seen this all year. two of their best players injured for quite some time in the middle of the season. they fired their offensive coordinator. all these back and forths during this gam, they really took it in stride. in fact, i talked to the mvp of this game, quarterback joe flacco, afterward, and he showed why he's earned his nickname joe cool. he said, eh, no big deal. take a listen. >> we've been through games like that. we understand that's probably going to happen. these guys are a good football team. it's tough to look at it like that. when they made it 28-20, it's like, okay, yeah. it's not really what we wanted, but we still have the lead, and we've got to go out there and execute. that's what we were able to do. we were able to put a couple good drives together at the end. we weren't able to put the ball in the end zone, which i wish we did, but we were able to keep the points up. >> talk about the blackout. one of the strangest things to happen in super bowl history. >> unbelievable. just one of those things you have to deal with. i'm sure down the road it will
5:04 am
make for a little bit better story. >> reporter: you can see, they're okay with it, since it did turn out okay. a little bit more about the power outage. the power company here said it wasn't a grid issue. it's instead about a piece of machinery that monitors how much power is feeding into the stadium. the superdome says that registered, quote, an abnormality, which is the phrase of the week around here, i'm sure. that kicked off an auto shutdown, opened a breaker, and it's just like the breaker in the basement that you have to flip it back open. that's what firblds had to do. a strange occurrence here in new orleans. >> nobody can deny the whole thing was riveting. this morning i spoke with mike golic and mike greenberg, the hosts of "mike and mike in the morning" on espn radio.
5:05 am
here's what they told me. i think the big thing was this power outage for 45 minutes. i guess big because really it was more about the momentum than the power going out, right? >> that's exactly right. what we've been saying on our show, soledad, is if the 49ers had come all the way back and won that game, the team down 22 points at the time the lights went out, then i think the power outage would be the only thing remembered about this super bowl because it felt so clear, that momentum change there. the fact the ravens wind up holding on by the skin of their teeth and winning the game means, mike, that i think ultimately the power outage, while obviously a huge part of the story, will ultimately be forgotten. >> you could sense so much -- when the power went out, you saw there was going to be a delay because the one thing players do know in stadiums like that, it takes a little while for the lights to come back on. you could just sense baltimore saying, oh, no. and you could sense san francisco saying, thank you for this delay. and we saw the momentum did switch a little bit. as they say, the lights went out
5:06 am
for both teams. so i wouldn't want to use it as an excuse. >> big play was jacoby jones, 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. i want to play that first and talk to you on the other side. >> this could be a runback from 19 for jacoby jones. look at him go. jones is past the 50. and he is flying! inside the 20, and a kickoff return, 109 yards and a touchdown for the all time record. >> a new dance has been entered into the books. i saw a little bit of that. also, he's a new orleans native, right, playing really for his hometown team in a way? >> absolutely. he had a sensational night. he also made a great catch and a run for another touchdown. those are the two biggest plays of the game for the ravens last night. it's interesting -- and, mike, we were talking about it -- the way the nfl works with salary
5:07 am
caps and such, he may very well have played his last game for the ravens, and he easily could have been mvp of the super bowl with it. >> anquan boldin may not be a raven next year either because of money. it's interesting: >> and by the way, he stole that dance from golic. he does that whole move. no question. >> duly noted. i'm going to give you credit for that in the history books if anybody ever asks me. joe flacco was mvp of the super bowl. what's his future look like, do you think? >> his future looks bright. they're going to back up a brinks truck to his house. he made a bet on himself before the season began. they offered him a very nice contract extension. he turned it down and chose to play out his contract, essentially betting that he would have a big year. mike, could he have come up bigger? >> you can't play any better in the postseason. 63 wins in his first five years, regular and postseason, that's a record. 11 touchdowns, no interceptions. he stood tall in the pocket, scrambled out of the pocket, audible calls to runs, to
5:08 am
passes, and was completing it. he's going to earn every cent that he's going to now make. >> i like that, the brinks truck, back it up. thanks, guys. always nice to have you in the morning. one of the super bowl's biggest stars was the halftime headliner, beyonce bringing down the house with the show, surprise destiny's child reunion. earlier, we spoke to ruben singer. he was the guy that designed that fabulous and fierce outfit that she's wearing. also, michle's outfit as well. here's what he said. >> developing this kind of a piece for a woman who's such a fierce performer and such an amazing, amazing show woman, i couldn't make anything that was constricting in any way. the range of motion needed to be maintained at all times. that was a really challenging aspect to it as well. >> one fan was michelle obama, who tweeted this, "i'm watching the super bowl with family and friends. beyonce was phenomenal. i am so proud of her." super bowl spotlight was given the ravens' michael oher a chance to show the world he's
5:09 am
very different from the movie "the blind side." he was very annoyed that made him seem like he didn't know a lot about football when he was first playing, in the movie, it is, when, in fact, he's a pretty good student of the game, an excellent student from the way he played yesterday. his adoptive mother ann tuohey attended the game. she was a guest on the show. she said, it's a movie, not about you. >> the movie was about him, people think about you based on the character in the movie. i understand his concern. >> of course. they matd it seem like somehow they taught him how to play football. >> and how to dress and how to walk and talk. >> people should read the original book. the original book is much more detailed. goes more in depth about football, him, the family. it tells you it all. >> i thought mrs. touhey was like, they make stuff up in the movies. move on. >> she's so matter of fact in the book, so it's no shock she would say that in real life. >> and the ads as well. the winner of the doritos super bowl contest.
5:10 am
plus the stars of the hilarious ad that featured the senior citizens and the taco bell ad. and the happiest nerd in the world is right there. >> keep the volume down. >> we'll talk to him ahead too. john berman has a look at other stories making news for us. >> thanks, soledad. at least eight people are dead after a bus crash on a narrow mountain highway in california. the bus first rear-ended the sedan and crashed with a pickup truck and rolled over. this happened in san bernardino county about 80 miles east of los angeles. several ambulances were called to the scene. the road there is so narrow that rescue workers have had a really difficult time of reaching the victims. we want to bring in cnn's paul verkam live from san bernardino county. we understand the crews are still out there trying to recover the bodies. >> reporter: yes, indeed they are, tom. they've had to keep a lot of rescue personnel up the road because the road is so narrow.
5:11 am
at right now they're saying at least eight people are dead. they expect that number to change, meaning many more will be found dead. as they comb through the wreckage of the bus, the pickup truck that was rolled over on, and another car, the investigators are trying to get an accurate body count. that's been complicated because in some cases you have multiple bodies under one tarp. here's a sound bite from the chp, who was looking at the scene firsthand and said it's one of the worst things he's seen in his career. >> we had several victims that were ejected from the bus. we have victims that are inside the bus. as you stated earlier, some victims are very close to each other. so the coroner is up there right now actually trying to identify the bodies and hopefully be able to give us an accurate number. >> reporter: right now we are hearing that a lot of the investigation is focusing on the
5:12 am
bus' brakes. we have heard that some witnesses reporting that they saw the back of the bus smoking as it came down this hill, highway 38, from the big bear area. now back to you. >> paul vercammen in california, thank you very much. in texas investigators still don't know why a 25-year-old iraq war veteran shot and killed sniper chris kyle and his friend chadlittlefield at a texas gun range. eddie ray routh was charged with two counts of capital murder. kyle served four combat tours in iraq. he had more than 150 confirmed kills. after retiring, he wrote a best-selling memoir called "american sniper." in just a few moments, we'll be joined by bill harden and eric davis, former navy s.e.a.l.s who knew kyle. the standoff between police in alabama and the gunman holding a hostage in a bunker enters its seventh day. they describe 55-year-old suspect jimmy dikes as a survivalist with anti-government
5:13 am
views. meanwhile, the bus driver who shielded the other children, chuck polin, honored at a memorial service yesterday. calling him a hero. he was. and ad time during the super bowl. they want to push congress to pass universal gun checks on all firearms. the ad by mayors against illegal guns run just in washington, d.c., during halftime. they spent around six figures. soledad? >> i wonder if it's worth it for a message like that. what do you think? >> in the washington market, politicians do hear these messages. they see them. i think sometimes the rest of the country is seeing them as well. they're pretty effective. >> just like a political campaign, they do it so we show it. it's on the news and talked about for the days after. >> i wish they'd also realize that you have to bring the rest of the country as well as congress to get the job done. >> maybe not d.c., maybe outside of d.c., but probably the cost
5:14 am
is prohibitive there. >> $4 million for a 30-second ad. don't think so. still ahead on "starting point" this morning, it was one of the funniest commercials of the super bowl. we'll meet the makers of the fashion daddy, doritos ad chosen from thousands of contestants. that's straight ahead.
5:15 am
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5:17 am
chris kyle and chad littlefield were gunned down at a texas gun range, happened over the weekend. kyle, you remember, was the most lethal sniper in u.s. history. want to bring in a couple people who knew chris kyle well. bill hardin is a retired navy s.e.a.l. who served with kyle during the iraq invasion. and bill davis is a former master training specialist at the s.e.a.l. school in coronado, california. he trained chris kyle. nice to have you both with us. eric, i'm going to start with you. what did you first think when you learned about the circumstances of the shooting? >> that's the -- i mean, every
5:18 am
time we hear about one of our own going down or losing him, i think you have a mix of emotions. this time just so recent after glen dougherty in benghazi just a few weeks ago, it's just another one of those moments where i think all you can do is put your head in your hands and say not another one, like my god, how could this happen, especially at home. >> it was so surprising. i thought, bill, what was really sad about this is mr. kyle had really been incredibly successful in his career as a sniper, and part of that was he didn't really frame it as killing people. he framed it as saving people. if he was able to do his job effectively, it was the people that he could save, and i think that really helped him transition from war into mentoring people who should some challenges. am i right about that? >> i think so. that's the attitude a lot of us take is that we're not out there to hurt anybody else. we're actually out there to help
5:19 am
our countrymen and to do what we can for the homeland. i think he really carried that over with all the things that he was involved in back here, helping out as many people as he could. it's such a huge shame to lose him. >> it's such a sad thing. here's what he told "time" magazine. they were doing an interview for the magazine and ran a clip of it online too. let me play a little of that first. >> i don't have to kill to live. >> but you were good at it? >> i was decent at it. >> what if killing people turns out to be the thing that you were better at than anything? >> i know that's not true. i'm a better husband and father than i was a killer. >> i love that answer. he leaves behind two children. it's such an incredible tragedy. >> absolutely. you know, when you have a loss, there's a certain way we experience it and grieve it, but when it's a violent loss like this, when there's no meaning behind it, like with a war or at least a disease, the kind of
5:20 am
suffering from grief the family, his wife and kids will feel is beyond anything any one of us could possibly conceive if we haven't been through that ourselves. and i think it's one of those times that we really need to make sure his family is in all of our prayers and we don't forget them, and what they're going to be dealing with for a very long time is a tough place they must all be in. our hearts go out to them and keep them on our mind. >> he really died doing what he loved to do. he was a tremendous mentor for younger people and people who needed some help. thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. our condolences to both of you. >> thank you. still ahead, students at harvard now connected to a widespread cheating ring. and the ties apparently ran very deep. we'll have an in depth report straight ahead. and a big contest where fans come up with their own super bowl ads for doritos. up next, two of the big winners, including the guy behind this ad.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
trending this morning, the doritos fans come up with their own super bowl ads. doritos picked one, and fans picked the second one. marco and ben were the lucky winners yesterday. nice to have you both with us. appreciate your time. i'm going to run mark's ad first because we thought it was terrific. let's play that first. >> daddy, can you be a princess with me? >> sweetheart, i'd love to, but the guys, they're outside waiting for me. >> i've got doritos. >> steve, what is the hold up? ♪
5:25 am
>> go neil, go neil, go neil. >> is that my wedding dress? >> could be. >> daddy, can you be a princess with me? >> that is so funny. you are the winner in terms of the doritos choice, the company choice. $300 is what i read, is what it cost to make that ad. tell me about the inspiration and how you did it. >> my friends and i, we wanted to make something that was very family friend ly and do kind ofa father-daughter piece since we hadn't seen that in the super bowl before. originally, we were thinking we could do to a tea party scene and the friends come in and the father catch him in the makeup. it wasn't funny enough yet, so it eventually grew and grew until a full-on princess fashion show. >> now i want to play the goat
5:26 am
for sale ad. this ad was hilarious too. ♪ ♪ >> the viewers choice ad. tell me about your ad. it cost $5,000 to make. i heard your entire family was involved in the project. >> that's right. my mom and my dad, they've supported me even when i was a little kid running around with the home video camera. they came out. my mom was -- we made her script supervisor, and my dad was the craft service manager. we had fun. we had a lot of fun.
5:27 am
>> my question is super bowl ads can cost millions of dollars to produce. you guys managed to break through the clutter with just a few thousand dollars in some cases. what does that say about the ad establishment, do you think? >> oh, that's a good one. >> you versus the ad establishment. let's hear it. >> tread carefully, gentlemen, as they're going to get into the ad establishment very soon. they're like, we're going to raise some money. >> we won't turn down those big budgets. >> there you go. >> exactly. i don't know if i want to criticize the ad establishment. it seems to be working pretty well. >> he doesn't want to do a $300 ad. let me ask you a question. i know, mark, because of where you came in in the rankings, you know get to work with michael bey who was an inspiration for you. you must be so tremendously excited. >> i am. i am. it's a dream come true because he was one of three filmmakers
5:28 am
when i was in high school that inspired me to get into the business to begin with. it's very surreal. we met him last night at the game. he was in the sky box with us and gave both ben and i big hugs when our commercials aired, and it was just such a surreal, wonderful experience. so i'm really looking forward to working on transformers for a few months and seeing what i'm going to learn. >> he was exploding when he met michael bey. >> congratulations. let us know when you get that $1 million, $2 million budget. we'll have you back to talk about it. congratulations. >> instant celebrities, overnight wonders. >> $300. >> still ahead this morning, senate voting on the former senator chuck hagel's confirmation could happen this week. he's trying to be secretary of defense. after the bruising he took on capitol hill, does he stand a chance? we're going to talk with oklahoma senator james inhofe, who's very much against hagel
5:29 am
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welcome back, everybody. you're watching "starting point." just ahead this morning, former senator chuck hagel's confirmation vote will be this week. we'll talk to senator inhofe about how far they'll go to keep hagel from being confirmed. let's talk about the super bowl. the ravens survived a super bowl blackout. that was the odd part. late game surge by the 49ers, but they survived it to win their second super bowl in franchise history. blackout halted play for 34 minutes and really took a lot of momentum away from baltimore. when the game resumed, the niners found their stride. they closed the lead to two points. had a chance to win the game, four chances, in fact, to win the game inside the 10 yard
5:33 am
line. they couldn't get a touchdown. here's what the ravens coach john harbaugh had to say. >> it was incredibly hard, but i was really proud. just looking across the field and seeing jim over there and watching him coach and watching him compete and watching him bring his team roaring back after the lights went out, like i kind of knew he would because that's what he's done his whole life. i just couldn't be more proud of him. >> reporter: you can appreciate that while they're roaring back against snu >> i wasn't real happy about it. i didn't feel good about some of the things we were doing and the way we were playing, but i knew they would be there because they reflect his personality. >> reporter: what did your parents say to you after? >> they were really happy and really thrilled, and they were really disappointed and really devastated at the same time. >> mix of emotions from the thrilled and happy to the disappointed and sad. and, of course, the halftime show. beyonce rocked it. many people looking back at prince's halftime show, michael jackson's halftime show. she was great.
5:34 am
she was absolutely amazing. when you think of it, not only is it three powerful women responsible for the entertainment but it was three black women. jennifer hudson. >> alyssa keys. >> and beyonce doing it. >> a lot of people were shocked to see that beyonce had an all female band. >> 150 background singers. >> at her concert, you realize her drummer, her guitarist, the entire female band, they were rocking. >> huge spectacular, no doubt. >> i was crying when jennifer hudson was singing "america the beautiful" with the sandy hook elementary students. oh, my god. >> especially because jennifer hudson herself has experienced violence in her family, family members killed in gun violence. so there really was a connection between her story and the story of these kids. >> they didn't say it on the air, but something that was definitely there, knowing what we know about her life and the tragedy in her life. incredible. still ahead, we're also going to talk about the super bowl ads. meet some of the stars from the hilarious taco bell ad and the disgusting go daddy ad too. first, john has a look at the
5:35 am
day's top stories. israeli defense minister ehud barak confirming israel's role in the attack on syria. no one should be allowed to bring advanced weapons into lebanon saying, quote, "when we say something, we mean it." the syrians are calling it an act of aggression under the pretense of targeting a weapons shipment. president obama is traveling to minneapolis to outline his plan to curb gun violence. he'll meet with local community leaders and law enforcement and deliver a speech scheduled for 2:30 p.m. eastern time. major match fixing schemes in soccer. they've identified close to 400 vicious soccer games. almost $200 worth of bribes. and reuters reports at euro-poll identified many. the matches include matches from 2012 and the world cup.
5:36 am
>> bribing the referees, bribing the players, all of the above? >> all of the above. we still need to learn more details, but the fact that euro 2012 and the world cup is involved, that is colossal in the world of soccer. harvard has forced dozens of students to leave after the largest cheating scandal in that school's history. this has sent shock waves through the campus. harvard would not say how many students have been disciplined, but the number forced out is somewhere around 70. cnn's poppy harlow is live in cambridge, massachusetts, with more this morning. good morning, poppy. >> reporter: good morning, john. the dean of undergraduate education here calling this unprecedented in anyone's living memory. obviously, this school, the most prestigious in the country. it's the headline of the harvard crimson. the students, estimated at about 70, had to withdraw. about half of this class, the class is reportedly government 1310 introduction to congress, about half of the class, 125
5:37 am
students came under review, investigation after this scandal broke in august, and then late friday the findings came out. if you look at the perspective here, this is 1% of the harvard undergraduate body that has had to withdraw because of this. the big question is what happened on this take home final exam? it was open book, open note, open internet, but students were told specifically they could not collaborate. however, what we've heard from multiple sources is that collaboration was accepted within this class over and over, that it was a class that gave out many, many "a"s, it was a class known for easy grading. the professor told them, look, you don't always have to come to these lectures and this class. there was a lot of confusion among students, but clearly, they were not supposed to collaborate at all on this exam, but some did. there was even some plagiarism, according to the university. i want you to take a listen to what one harvard student told us about how this is all impacting the school.
5:38 am
>> well, obviously, chooting should never happen in any class, but i just think the class is very hard, and sometimes some students may be pressured to cheat. it really should never happen. you can always get help here at harvard. the community is very supportive. there are a bunch of friends that will always be willing to help. and the teachers and tfs are always fantastic. so i really think it's a terrible thing to have happened. >> reporter: here's what harvard is saying. i'll pull up part of their statement for you. they say "the administrative board took the time necessary during the fall to guarantee that every student's case was reviewed and resolved individually under the rules and procedures approved by faculty." harvard went on to say, "this is a time for communal reflection and action. we are responsible for creating the community in which our students study, and we all thrive as scholars." i did this morning talk here in person with a lawyer representing two of the students in this case. one has been put on probation.
5:39 am
one is an athlete who's been forced to withdraw for a year. he told me, yes, there was some cheating. there was also collaboration. he told me some of these answers went viral. students e-mailing answers to one another, and clearly that's not acceptable. john? >> not acceptable indeed. 70 students. poppy harlow in cambridge. thanks very much. you've got three harvard grads here. i find this stunning. how do you cheat on a take home final? >> an open book final. >> that you can use the internet for. >> that's like using hgh to play a ping pong game. no sense. >> this is like poppy said. this was a class where there is frequent collaboration. there are often classes where people share notes. there's one copy of notes. >> john. >> john, it's an insult to congress. >> i'm not defending them. they obviously cheated. i'm just telling you how it happened. if they're all working off the same notes, and it's a take home exam, you can see how it happens. >> this is where most of the people in d.c. are hired to go to these schools.
5:40 am
thank you, texas a&m, i appreciate it. i can't recall a take home final at texas a&m. >> intro to congress. forgive me, congresswoman. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> they were not that hard. >> don't tell me the students are confused because there's been collaboration in the past. give me a break. >> do you think congress would pass this class? >> the senate is expected to vote this week on the nomination of former nebraska senator chuck hagel. >> this is very sharp questioning from his former republican colleagues last week. >> the question i would like to ask you. >> i have a difficult enough time in american politics, senator. i have no idea, but thank you. >> we're going to be talking to senator james inhofe in just a moment. we're having a little difficulty with his shop.
5:41 am
the votes are there to confirm him, correct? >> i don't understand, soledad, how you could be so awful in a hearing and say, he'll go ahead and pass. he'll be confirmed. >> mary, how can you be so awful in one hearing? >> i don't know. you have to be so well-prepared to go in. he seemed to have woken up and decided he was going to testify before the senate and try to get his job. i think he hurt himself pretty badly. maybe he will get confirmed. >> is there a sense that those things are a little bit of show. it doesn't really matter if you do well or don't do well. people are going to confirm you or not going to confirm you. >> usually, the senators up on the dais who try to make their own marks by asking questions, but if you fall flat on your face in front of the american people, especially a job as important as this one, you can't come back. >> and you serve in the u.s. senate. it's not like you're not familiar with these issues. >> let's get right to senator james inhofe. he's with us. he's the ranking -- he's not
5:42 am
with us because our shot has problems still. do we have his shot or no? his shot just died again. we'll see if we can get senator inhofe. senator inhofe has said we'll see if we can vote against any confirmation. he's one of three senators who voted against the confirmation of senator perry, who was sworn in as secretary of state. i don't think the votes -- i don't think he's going to be able to block that confirmation. >> there's a numbers game right now. there are 55 democrats in the senate for people who vote with the senate. and two republicans who say they will vote for chuck hagel, including nebraska senator. that's big. >> it's a good question to put to senator inhofe, who i believe for the third time, maybe our technical problems are fixed. senator inhofe joining us this morning. nice to see you, sir. my apologies for technical problems. quick question. you've said you're going to vote against any kind of confirmation for chuck hagel. are there the votes to keep him from ultimately being confirmed? >> i think that you can't count all the votes right now,
5:43 am
soledad. i heard you say there are two republicans committed to vote for him. that's not very many. and there are a lot of democrats that have to be concerned with some of the israeli friends and concern they have had consistently with senator hagel in terms of things he has said. when senator cruz came out on the program, on the interview, or had an interview, recorded an interview, and it was really bad because he agreed with the interviewer that the united states is the world's bully. he agreed that israel is not a friend. the words they used were sickeningly slaughter and all these insulting things to israel. i can't help but think there are a lot of people having a hard
5:44 am
time on the democrat side confirming chuck hagel. after all, he's the one who has said over and over again that he's been supporting of the iranians. he is only one of two in the entire senate that voted against the sanctions for iranians. and one of four that didn't sign the letter. because i carried the letter around for solidarity with israel. these things are concerning. i think that they're going to have a hard time standing up and voting for someone who has demonstrated to be so anti-israel for so many years. >> senator james inhofe joining us this morning. it's nice to have you, sir. our apologies for the technical difficulties this morning. appreciate your time. still ahead on "starting point," he is one of the luckiest nerds on earth. that's a famous supermodel he's making out with.
5:45 am
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welcome back, everybody. it might be the most controversial ad of the super bowl. where super model bar rafaeli
5:48 am
locks lips with a geeky looking engineer. his name is jesse heyman and he's with us this morning. this is all about the kiss between you and the super model. people were tweeting how much they hated this ad, which i guess is kind of a home run. what did you think? >> i know we had record sales and new customers on go daddy. i've been blown away by the support, positive support. a lot of my friends and family giving me a thumbs up and wishing they were me. you know, a lot of people saying that i was the mvp of the game besides joe flacco. so it's just been overwhelming. i really, really appreciate it. >> i read it took 45 takes. did it really take 45 takes? what was wrong with take 44? is >> it was somewhere between 45 and 65. i know the rumor online is i was asking for more takes, but it was give and take. she wanted more too. >> she asked for more takes. after the camera stopped
5:49 am
rolling, she asked for more takes. >> rehearsal must have been great. >> where was the microphone, jesse? because it seemed awfully slobbery loud. >> i think it just -- >> the microphone wasn't in your mouth, right? that's hard. >> i think it was -- they have enough microphones on us that they caught all that action. but it's great working with an iconic go daddy. their commercials have been on all the time, and i'm glad to be a part of this. >> tom said you are a hero to all fat guys across the country. being a fat guy, he said, you are their hero. >> well, i'm glad to represent the fat guy or the nerd guy or people out there who get -- all these stories about people getting bullied, i'm glad to represent the children that you can accomplish anything if you dream big or the door opens for that opportunity. >> someone thought -- i guess a lot of people who felt -- on
5:50 am
twitter, people hated this ad. i guess in some ways people hating it must love it because people thought it was inappropriate. the word inappropriate music to the ears of go daddy's executive chairman, bob parsons, who says, "inappropriate? hearing that word, i absolutely knew we were in for a record super bowl ad campaign." >> like i said, it worked. people talked about it, and it's led to record sales and new customers. and if you are interested in seeing the versions that cbs couldn't play, you can go on -- >> because that's really inappropriate. >> >> i love that you got that in. >> i actually think the wilder version is funnier. >> jesse heiman, thanks for joining us. congratulations on a very funny ad. still ahead this morning, the
5:51 am
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5:54 am
welcome back, everybody. we're talking super bowl ads. it's have viva young, where a g of senior citizens are going to the disco. let's play a little bit of it. ♪ this ad was hilarious. why don't you walk us through how it was done. did the director just say go to
5:55 am
town and act like 20-year-olds? >> well, to a point, raellingly just let us do what we wanted to do. it was quite wonderful. >> just do what comes naturally. >> really? you do this kind of thing. >> we're no stick in the mud people. we're full of life. we like to eat taco bell, and we like to dance, you know, and fool around a little bit. >> i've got to ask you, surely your friends are asking you, man, why couldn't i get called for this commercial? >> pardon me? what did you say? >> did any of your friends say, man, i want to be you. i would have loved to have been called for this commercial. >> oh, yes. oh, yes. all our friends, oh, yeah. they loved it.
5:56 am
they would have liked to have been in our spot. >> we were showing an ad from go daddy, which a lot of people thought was very inappropriate yesterday in the super bowl, and i think the exact opposite of your ad. people loved it. they thought it sent a wonderful message. my kids are watching the super bowl. i love when this ad came on because i didn't have to cover their eyes and worry about what was going to happen next. they just thought it was great. that must be part of what you enjoyed about being part of it, i assume, right? >> yeah. it shows grandmas and grandpas are still full of life and have a family and the respect and still be good in life. >> it was very natural to be able to do that kind of stuff because they're just so dear, so nice. >> i know you guys are actors, and you guys do this all the time. are the kissing scenes hard?
5:57 am
>> no, because we've had some experience, you know. >> beverly, are you getting one of those outfits beyonce had on? >> oh, yeah. >> that's the source of the power outage. they drained all the power from the super bowl right there. you guys were great. what was the toughest thing to do in this commercial? what was the toughest scene to film? >> the toughest scene, well, i think to get on the diving board, the swimming pool scene. >> yes, it was very cold. it was about 30 degrees, and i stood there, not even a goose bump. and you jump in that water, and it's nice and warm, and then you come out, and you go ooh. >> that was cold, but i love
5:58 am
doing the chicken. the chicken, that was fun in the dance. >> beverly polcyn and ernie misco, congratulations on a fantastic ad. we look forward to seeing you in more. >> oh, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> they should be on the panel. >> we're back in just a moment. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
5:59 am
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